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Adult Crested Geckos are usually good plenty of at steering clear of substrate while taking in, so it’s not as big of a difficulty. Here's our recommendations depending on you Crested Geckos dimension/bodyweight:

When live insects aren’t essential for a crested gecko’s diet, they’re a great supply of clean protein and enrichment. Listed here’s a summary of healthier feeder insects:

There are numerous locations which can be a lot more acceptable than Other people to place your crested gecko vivarium. Here are a few “bad” destinations, Whilst quite a bit will depend on The actual problem in your house:

While the export of wild crested geckos has become prohibited, biologists exported many specimens for breeding and study in advance of New Caledonia stopped issuing permits to export the species.

Before you begin feeding your crested gecko you’ll need to learn what is usually fed on your tiny lizard. Basically a crested gecko diet can encompass:

This projections continue on as two rows of spines that run through the eyes to the sides in their wedge-formed head and continue to the base in their tail. Crested geckos do not have eyelids. Alternatively, a clear scale, or spectacle, retains Each individual eye moist, as well as geckos use their tongues to crystal clear absent debris.[6]

escape-evidence: you don’t want your crested gecko escaping and finding out in the harmful outside the get more info house earth or be eaten up by other pets you might have. Catching an escaped gecko is usually very difficult so you ought to ensure that the enclosure is a minimum of escape-evidence.

Think of stalactites and stalagmites: Should the sample seems being heading from The underside upward, It truly is an extreme harlequin. In the event the sample goes within the top (dorsal) down, It is drippy. An Severe harlequin could also express the drippy trait.

mealworms: mealworms will be the larvae on the mealworm beetle and are often utilized as food for fish, reptiles, and birds. You ought to be careful when feeding mealworms. They've got a hard exoskeleton and may cause impaction. That’s why some authorities advise not supplying mealworms to crested geckos.

Crested geckos are solitary creatures that don’t involve the companionship of other crested geckos. They can tolerate and live with other crested geckos in some instances but any time you maintain them alone they received’t get lonely. They can live a cheerful and nutritious everyday living just by by themselves.

Bananas are superior in potassium which inhibits calcium absorption. The calcium-phosphorus ratio of bananas is low and providing a lot of isn't recommended.

Even when your eyelash gecko is completely tame, your function isn’t completed! You will need to continue on to deal with it a minimum of two to thrice each week. If not, it may revert to its skittish approaches.

You may use feeding cups or simply a food bowl to feed your crested gecko. Feeding should be finished inside the evening.

The next lists have been made from information offered on the net to the general public or by privately submitted breeders or sellers. All details features a url to in which You may also validate the data all by yourself. There is not any warranty the sales documentation is accurate as the quantity could possibly be modified by the breeder after the truth.

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